About us

Our story is your story

In 2009 we were the first coworking space in Hungary and among the firsts in Austria, launching the coworking movement in the region. Today - thanks to all the innovative ideas and our diverse community - Loffice is home to creative entrepreneurs, cultural initiatives & freelancers of all sorts.

11 years in the sharing economy

494 dogs visited

12 awards won

3696 events hosted

The mission

Today Loffice is present in 2 countries & in 3 locations. Since 2009 we're an ever-changing & evolving team of enthusiastic community members. The mission is simple - providing stylish spaces and business support services to collaborate & build a community that feels like family.

The co-what?

The concept of coworking kicked off in the USA in 2005 with the aim to provide a common work space for freelancers & neo-nomads. A space where the office infrastructure is provided but shared with other individuals. Today being location-independent is not just a lifestyle but a common work style at big corporates too, while other sharing economy businesses are also becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.

The sister act

When there still wasn’t any Hungarian or German expression for coworking, two sisters decided to leave their previous careers behind & face the future by kicking off their own sharing economy business. ‘Panni is the score, Kata is the melody, and you can only hear the music when they play together’ - a friend described them a few years ago. And it’s spot on.

Coworking in the region

With strong belief that sharing economy is the future, Kata & Panni introduced coworking to Budapest and they were among the pioneers in Vienna as well. They opened their first space in 2009 and their business has been successfully growing and expanding for more than a decade, along with the growth in the number of coworking spaces in the world.

Why Loffice?

Because we believe in community

Because sharing is caring

Because we cherish creativity

Because we stand up for gender equality

Because we’re responsible & sustainable

Because we are fuelled by diversity

Because we aim for work-life integration

Because we support entrepreneurship

"Loffice connects & revs you up. Not only in work but their team also stands up for important matters & social affairs while building a community for these cases. We're glad to be part of it."

Melinda Miklós, CEO, WeAreOpen

"Loffice is my catalyst, the coolest and most open team who are always partners in crime when it comes to collaborating for good cases."

Rita Veres, Executive Director, Edisonplatform

"Loffice is one of the first and unavoidable players in the Hungarian innovation ecosystem, the founders of the first real coworking office in Budapest. Due to their presence in Vienna they are also a very important bridge to the west for their community.""

Péter Kovács, CEO, Xlabs

About the locations

Our first venues launched in former industrial buildings. Our well-known start-up location was in the former printing shop of the Hungarian Music Academy. Later a former plastic factory was turned into a design award-winning office, then an old shoe factory was given new purpose as our base in Vienna. Our brand name reflects the trademark loft style of our spaces combined with the main service we offer.

Loffice Budapest @Paulay

Paulay Ede st. 55.

1061 Budapest

Útvonalat tervezek

Loffice Budapest @Salétrom

Salétrom st. 4.

1085 Budapest

Útvonalat tervezek

Loffice Wien

Schottenfeldgasse 85

1070 Wien

Útvonalat tervezek

Our favourite projects

Everyone has a hobby, right? Ours are art, design, gastronomy, business & lifestyle development. We create experiences and organize in-house happenings in these fields. Here's a taste of the 40+ Loffice events & initials of the last years.

Vienna WOW

Helping startups and entrepreneurs to expand their businesses to Austria, once a year we host a speed-dating & mentoring day to answer practical questions and provide business plan tips. Featuring experts in finance, law and investment, we have been able to help numerous businesses to cross the borders over the years.

Bring the Art Home

Our comprehensive art mentoring program has aimed to help young artists for 4 years. Exhibitions, round table discussions and other happenings have created a platform for them to introduce their art to a new audience, debut in a brand new target market & trigger cultural values.

Urban Jungle

In 2018, we took 1500 attendees and 20.000 online participants for a ride into an urban gastro & lifestyle jungle. Our Startup Safari Budapest series featured 20 happenings & 100 speakers on topics including the impact of technology on urban living, gastro startups, travel and self-education.

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