Ready, desk, go!

Grab a desk & enjoy all the perks of working at Loffice. It means a fun community, handy in-house amenities and flexible package solutions to suit your workflow.


Arrange your bills, book a meeting room & get in touch easily via our application.

Safe & clean spaces

With the ‘clean desk’ policy we can maintain a tidier space while facilitating regular cleaning and disinfection.


Beyond the free meeting room credits included in your package, enjoy a 10% discount on any additional room or event space booking.

Choose your plan!

LoFix 24/7

60.000 HUF / month (+VAT)

Sometimes you just need a safe spot. This monthly package is available if you're a Loffice member min. for a month. It comes with a fixed desk and 24/7 access to our coworking office, amenities & community spaces.

You get 4 hours complimentary meeting room credits each month + all the other perks of being in a community.

LoFlex monthly

50.000 HUF / month (+VAT)

Or sometimes you just need a change. With our monthly flexible package you can use any available hot desk on weekdays during opening times. It also includes a complimentary meeting room credit of 3 hours / month + access to the coworking office and community amenities.

Don't be limited by our opening times! If you're a Loffice member, you can upgrade for an extra 7.000 HUF & you get 0-24 access to the space!

LoFlex 15 day pass

43.000 HUF / month (+VAT)

We won't ask where you were yesterday, promise. Access the coworking office and community amenities on 15 chosen weekdays each month - 2 hours/month meeting room credit on the house.

Don't be limited by our opening times! If you're a Loffice member, you can upgrade for an extra 7.000 HUF & you get 0-24 access to the space!

LoFlex 10 day pass

35.000 HUF / month (+VAT)

You want a regular workspace but need a change of scene from time to time? With this plan you can access any hot desk on 10 chosen weekdays to be use within 1 month + you get 1 hour meeting room credit for free.

Don't be limited by our opening times! If you're a Loffice member, you can upgrade for an extra 8.000 HUF & you get 0-24 access to the space!

LoFlex 5 day pass

25.000 HUF / month (+VAT)

For budding coworkers or frequent travellers: access our coworking space and community amenities on 5 chosen weekdays to be used within 1 month. We’ll love to see you scale up!

Don't be limited by our opening times! If you're a Loffice member, you can upgrade for an extra 10.000 HUF & you get 0-24 access to the space!

LoFlex daily

5.000 HUF / day (+VAT)

Just want to give it a try? Attending an event at Loffice but need to multitask in the meantime? Book a hot desk for only 1 day without any commitment.

If you're a regular, we also offer a pay-as-you-go option so your daily tickets can be invoiced in one amount once a month.

Team Desk

bespoke offer

Teams are also welcome! Get your team a dedicated desk in one of our shared spaces and enjoy teamwork with preferential prices. Free meeting room credits and 24/7 access to the coworking & community spaces are included. And, if you are actually more than the workstations you book, we can even help with the scheduling of additional desks & team members.

Make your stay more comfortable!

Quality coffee

350 HUF / capsule

We've got the newest Nespresso coffee machines. Use them with a prepaid card of your own.


5.000 HUF / month (+VAT)

Small size lockable storage for your laptop or personal items.

Laptop lock

3.500 HUF / month (+VAT)

Loffice is a safe place, but to be sure, you can rent a notebook lock in case you really need a carefree lunchtime in the city.

Extra hygienic products

from 500 HUF

Don’t worry if you run out of hand sanitiser, if your screen could use a bit of cleaning or if you need a mask. You can stock up at the reception desk.

Rollover & insurances

4.500 HUF / month (+VAT)

Pause your membership or roll over your unused days to other months. If your life is sometimes unpredictable, a 1-year insurance allows you to use your package with even more flexibility.

Drawer storage unit

6.500 HUF / month (+VAT)

Get this storage unit for your documents and office stationery and roll it under your desk. Tadaam... you've got yourself a clutter-free tidy work surface!

Need something else?

Give us a shout

"Fun environment, awesome design, cool people and cold sparkling water :)"

Ödön Örzsik, Feastfox

"Well Loffice is a great place if you looking for a shared office place. This is one of the first such venues in Budapest as far as I know, and still a good one with a bit of a unique pinch of taste."

István Nagy, freelancer

"My home away from home :)"

Maria la Portuguesa, freelancer

"A decent coworking office in Budapest downtown. Loffice team is friendly, helpful and have a truly professional attitude being dedicated to their clients. This is a great place to work, they have a number of plans & options so you might as well find there what you are looking for."

Ábel Bagaméry, ACI Worldwide

About our community

We are an open space to everyone.

At Loffice, you can meet solo freelancers, startup founders or whole teams working in industries from law, finance or food to arts & human sciences. This is what keeps us diverse & results in so many collabs within our community and outside as well.

Although they come from the most varied fields & professions, our community members share one common value: the global power of sharing & personal connections. Besides combining modern work and living spaces with flexible infrastructure, we also create an atmosphere supporting professional and personal relationships, inspiration and self-development.

Illustration about the building and the location

About our space

The brand new multifunctional, creative playground of Loffice.

Built in the bohemian 8th district of Budapest, on the plot of a former red-light house, this building aims to provide a space in which to work, create, live & celebrate. Fuel your business or leisure functions in an energy-efficient smart building with minimal ecological footprint, including an event hall & inner courtyard, community rooftop & kitchen, co-living apartments & studio offices.

The front of the building is a modern take on the turn-of-the-century architectural tradition to depict on the building’s exterior what is happening inside. Thanks to graphic designer Willem Van de Ven & contemporary artist Marcell Esterházy, it’s a special addition to Budapest’s cityscape.


secure wifi

flawless public transport

bike storage

dog friendly

garden access

rooftop terrace


on-site staff

air conditioning

separated meeting rooms

event space

natural light

parking garage

community kitchen

inhouse events

premium coffee

hassle-free printing


What are your opening hours?

We are open every weekday from 9am till 5pm. In case you need to stay longer or would like to access the coworking space on the weekendss too, go for our 24/7 LoFix package!

Can I pay by card?

Sure, we accept cash, card or bank transfer. Online payment is also possible.

Can I have a fix desk / computer on my desk?

Yes! Go for the LoFix package and you get a fixed workstation. Computers are allowed only with this package. With any other coworking package you get to choose from our available hot desks.

Can I use the meeting room or event space with my coworking package?

Sure! Depending on which coworking package you choose, you have different time credits to use for meeting room bookings. Once you’ve used your complimentary credit, you enjoy a 10% discount on any additional reservations.

How about printing?

We aim to use as little paper as possible,so including free printing in the coworking packages isn’t really our thing. But sometimes we can’t avoid it, and for these times we do have a printer. The fees are 20 HUF for b&w and 80 HUF for each coloured page printed. Once you get registered with Loffice, you get a code for easy printing, scanning or copying.

What are the basic policies in the space?

Smile, keep your desk clean and dare to ask! For weekend happenings, video calls or birthday cakes we have plenty of community & private spots available :) Check our house rules for more info.

What if I have a visitor?

We’re happy to see new faces - just make sure you register your guests via our webpage! This policy doesn’t only enable them to receive a pin code for the Wi-Fi and a welcome coffee but also helps us to maintain a safe office.

What are my benefits by becoming a community member?

Just to keep it very specific: central location + access to our spaces and building amenities + 10% discount on any other Loffice rental service (even cross-border!) + secure wifi + access & discounts to professional in-house events + option to join our community happenings & projects + an open mindset to grow together with others. And of course, everything else that comes with being part of a community.

Many people in one space? Is coworking safe?

The open plan offices are great because you can work together with many interesting people in one place, and there is enough room to stay safe! We ensure a safe distance between the workstations, monitor the number of people in the space and maintain the hygiene of the surroundings & equipment. Use the available hand sanitizers, pre-order our weekly immune-pack with fresh fruit, vegetable and vitamins or rent a mobile wall for extra protection.

How do I access the building if I have a 24/7 package?

After paying the netto 6.000 HUF deposit, you’ll get a proxy which allows you access to the building, the coworking office and other common spaces. Lost keys can be replaced in exchange for repayment of the deposit.

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