Seat host service

Virtual office with non-virtual benefits

Infrastructure is sometimes overrated... run your company virtually! Our virtual office service is a secure, flexible & budget-friendly solution so you can stay around without actually being around. But, if you happen to come by it will make our day.

Easy & hassle-free

Skip the crazy paperwork & manage your company from your sofa with just a few clicks!


Download our app and get notified right away about your incoming mail & deliveries!


Pop by for a coffee & mingle with other members or just relax in one of our community rooms!

Choose your plan!

Seat host service

350.000 HUF / year (+VAT)

Get a premium registered company address or premise with a mailing address, plus your business plate on the front of the building. We receive your letters and packages and send you a notification. Further benefits include a 10% discount on any other Loffice space rental, and you automatically become part of the Loffice community. Hope to see you at one of our happenings!

Add some extra for more comfort!

Mail scanning

100.000 HUF / year (+VAT)

We digitize your incoming mail and forward it to you via our app so you know what the postman brought without having to come in & collect it.

Mail forwarding

bespoke price

Need to receive your mails at your own apartment or abroad while away on a trip? We handle, file then physically forward your mail to any of your preferred addresses!

""At Loffice, we were literally able to adapt our office to our work style. Besides being a stylish backdrop to our efficient daily work, Loffice has also become a venue for our community events.""

István Maklári, Mastercard Advisors, Regional Manager

About our community

We are an open space to everyone.

At Loffice, you can meet solo freelancers, startup founders or whole teams working in industries from law, finance or food to arts & human sciences. This is what keeps us diverse & results in so many collabs within our community and outside as well.

Although they come from the most varied fields & professions, our community members share one common value: the global power of sharing & personal connections. Besides combining modern work and living spaces with flexible infrastructure, we also create an atmosphere supporting professional and personal relationships, inspiration and self-development.

Pop by & get to know us!

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You may wonder about...

What is a seat host service?

When you start a business, you need a registered seat host. The address of the real estate must be either your property or you need to have a rental agreement in order to use the specific address as your seat / branch. Loffice has a professional, great-sounding downtown business address that you can also have on your official documents and business card.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office completes your seat host service with additional digital office functions. It includes the digitisation of your mail items and organizing them in a cloud storage, plus you can choose from a wide range of services. Run a smooth office operation with us, without having to look after a physical office space.

How can I use Loffice’s seat-host service with my non-Hungarian company?

If you want to operate your company in Hungary, you have the following options:

  1. You (or your company) can establish a Hungarian affiliated company whose seat and registered address will be provided by Loffice.
  2. You can establish a Hungarian branch office of your company as well without the need for a Hungarian affiliated company. However, please note that a Hungarian branch office can be registered with the competent court of registration only if the branch office already has an organizational and physical individuality. The seat and registered office address of your Hungarian branch will be provided by the Loffice.
  3. Finally, you can also just use Loffice’s address for the Hungarian operation of your non-Hungarian company. However, please note that in case of a permanent or regular for-profit activity in Hungary, your company will require at a minimum a branch office and related trade permits.

When can I pick up my mail or package?

You can come by any time during our opening hours.

How long does my contract run and what is the cancellation policy?

The seat host service contract is concluded for a minimum of 1 year. You must inform us of your intent to terminate the contract at least 3 months before the one-year period expires. Otherwise the contract will be automatically extended for another 1 year period. You can find more information in the GTC.

Why is a deposit required?

If expenses remain unpaid after the contract expires, you don’t have to pay extra, we can simply deduct them from the deposit.

I already have a company seat elsewhere but the other virtual office functions sound good!

No problem! You can sign up to any virtual office service if you need to make your company operation easier, independently from your registered seat.

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