Fine-tuning family & work

We are committed to bring the career goals of parents & the visions of employers into harmony. We believe in a well-functioning work-life integration that’s beneficial for everyone:

For parents

Together, let’s get back your labour market stamina

For corporates

Implement a new flexible work model for the parents among your employees

For everyone

A family-friendly labor market leads to a better future

For parents

Trying to get back to work?

Get back your work-related mojo & jump confidently back into the labour market. Complement your parenting skills with learning new professional competencies at our events & workshops while being in a community, making new connections.

Ready for your own venture?

At Loffice we’ve been supporting freelancers & businesses for more than 10 years. We believe parents make great leaders and successful entrepreneurs due to their diverse skill set. So if you have a business idea & are ready to establish your own venture, our workshops can also help you to kick off your project & learn the skills you need for it.

"Coworkid is a socially sensitive model that helps both parents & companies to fine tune the delicate harmony of family life & work."

Andi Szablár, project manager

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For corporates

A flexible and economical work model

If you have part-time employees or team members who need more flexibility, take advantage of our company-specific coworking packages. Pay only for as much infrastructure and office space as you actually use. Teleworkers with small children are happy to be surrounded by a community from time to time, and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses.

Growing to be family-friendly

It takes small steps to become attractive in the eyes of parents and families. Our events & professional programmes help your company to find its family-friendly way.

Employee retention programs

Having children creates a whole new life situation for our employees. As an employer we can help parents with more flexible working conditions, and we can motivate and increase satisfaction by developing their skills. Women’s Day or Children’s Day are good occasions to host events that support working parents in reconciling parenting with work. Time management or communication workshops, inspirational talks or networking events will help them grow in both their personal and work life.

Marketing campaigns

Share your brand's values regarding families & equality! An online marketing campaign can be a great tool to make your brand trusted by parents - be it a campaign ad or storytelling on your social media channels, we will help you do it from start to finish. Get inspired with our Women's Day campaign film co-produced with Coca-Cola Hungary!

Alternative recruitment events

Labor shortage? Parents who want to return to work after child care are a considerable pool of potential employees. Find them through career and HR consultancies or by providing retraining opportunities and professional training. Parents with young children will re-enter the labor market & experience a supportive environment at your company. It’s a win-win! Check out our recent career change day.

Projects we loved

Coworkid x Coca-Cola Hungary

Cooperating through 7 events & campaigns we involved more than 900 mothers with toddlers in our project with Coca-Cola Hungary #énjövőm programme. We helped with labour market re-entry during and after maternity leave with career change workshops, self-improvement trainings & entrepreneurship incentives.

Coworkid x Startup Safari

We looked for good practices and inspiration regarding work-life integration by hosting events in the topic of lifestyle & family during the international startup programme. We asked an acclaimed singer-songwriter, a world champion lifestyle coach, style advisors & top company leaders to give 200 people insights & tips on how to manage an entrepreneurial & family life at the same time.

Coworkid x Unicef

On the occasion of World Children's Rights Day (November 20), we launched a social media campaign together with the UNICEF Hungary Committee. As part of this, we dressed not only ourselves and our community in blue, but also our online platforms, drawing attention to the UNICEF Children’s Voice campaign.

"We are always excited about the upcoming topics of Coworkid - their team is creative & professional. They're aware of the latest trends & issues regarding parental topics so they aren't afraid to ask the difficult questions while they also provide guidance to the participants at their events."

Orsolya Nyilas, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, Head of External Communications

"Coworkid is a gap-filling, forward-looking initiative. The project connects parents of young children with responsible businesses in a friendly yet professional way."

Nikolett Barta, Co-founder of Womenspiration & Operational Manager at Edisonplatform

Let's start your family-friendly journey!

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