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internet & network

IT support

IT maintenance


toiletry replenishment

printer & licence

printer products

kitchen appliances

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labor & fire safety

reception & onsite staff


seat host service

postal service

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Maxi Office 75 + 20 m2

from 1.269 EUR / month (+VAT)

A serene and private hide-away office with huge terrace overlooking at the inner garden. It has its own kitchenette, shower, separate toilet and a smaller side room. Extra storage space is available for binders or bikes in the shared lockable room, accessible from the corridor on the same floor.

loggia: 20 sqm | rental fee: 13,5 EUR / sqm / month / common area index: 7,12% | service fee: 4,6 EUR / sqm / month

Midi Office 65 + 16 m2

from 1.053 EUR / month (+VAT)

Become part of the story of our playful artwork which also functions as a shutter system on the building's facade. Street view & big terrace, a big room and a smaller one, kitchenette, shower & separate toilet. Extra storage capacity for rarely used binders, boxes or rollers is available in the shared lockable room next door.

loggia: 16 sqm | rental fee: 13,5 EUR / sqm / month | common area index: 7,12% | service fee: 4,6 EUR / sqm / month.

available from June 2021

Studio 25 m2

from 392 EUR / month (+VAT)

Mini & compact with all the essentials: shower, kitchenette, view to the street and you can even fit in a sofa for those longer work days. Intimate space to create for 1-2 ppl but can be suitable for a small team as well.

rental fee: 14,5 EUR / sqm / month | common area index: 7,12% | service fee: 4,6 EUR / sqm / month

Loft / complete floor 264 m2

from 5.802 EUR / month (+VAT)

Spacious and bright, this classic loft style open-plan office on the ground floor is the perfect terrain for teams of up to 20 people or more. It has a separate, equipped kitchenette and huge sliding windows to extend the space to a common courtyard. Modern home in the city centre, be it an office, a showroom, a classroom, or anything you dream of.

rental fee: 20,5 EUR / sqm / month | common area index: 7,12% | service fee: 4,6 EUR / sqm / month

Complete floor 168 + 36 m2

from 2.903 EUR / month (+VAT)

Ever-changing team size & growing business? Our spaces can grow with you. Combine more offices, take a complete floor or even combine more floors during your journey. A full floor features 3 different size offices - 25, 65 and 78 m2- opening off a shared corridor with lots of terraces, buzzing street-view or serene garden mood, smaller meeting rooms or bigger open-plan spaces, community areas and kitchens, showers and storage room. Enjoy this private oasis and don't forget to join us sometimes in the coworking space or roof terrace.

loggia: 37 sqm | rental fee: 13,5 EUR / sqm / month | common area index: 7,12% | service fee: 4,6 EUR / sqm / month

Penthouse 127 + 90 m2

from 2.668 EUR / month (+VAT)

Our penthouse on the 6th floor is everyone’s favourite, and no wonder. 3 rooms and an open-plan kitchen + living room combo with 2 bathrooms offering a total of 127 m2 to live, work and play in. A 70 m2 Buda-view terrace and a 20 m2 courtyard-facing terrace will be the buzzing scenes of grill parties or sun-bathing afternoons. As an office it can provide workstations for a team, but it makes a perfect executive-suite too. Combining it with other offices on the lower floors, this penthouse can be a special shared space for your team with extra functions such as a library or nap rooms.

loggia + terrace: 90 sqm | rental fee: 14,5 EUR / sqm / month | common area index: 7,12% | service fee: 4,6 EUR / sqm / month

available from 2023

Loffice Rákóczi 250 m2

Transformed from a former plastic factory, this two-storey, design award winning loft office with a private inner garden has been a favorite of start-up and creative companies since 2013. The spacious industrial space is extended with a wow-factor meeting room accessible through an inner bridge, while additional community areas are just a stone's throw away in our neighbouring brand new HQ.

available from July 2021

Loffice Paulay 45 - 1250 m2

In the former printing house of the Academy of Music, the spacious and bright industrial spaces turned into loft offices characteristically carry the interior design solutions of the design award-winning Loffice. Within the 4-storey complex, studio offices or whole floors from 45 - 135 m2 are complemented with meeting rooms, terraces and an inner courtyard.

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It's more than an office space

From furnishing to daily office operations we can take care of everything. Why deal with toilet paper orders or finding the perfect cleaning service if we can just make it easy for you?

mail & parcel handling

guest reception

parking garage

office cleaning

business registration & address

on-site staff & support

pre-ordered catering & food baskets

secure wifi

preferential prices for additional services

supportive & diverse community

equipped kitchens

outdoors & community spaces for recreation or networking

Illustration about the building and the location

About our space

The brand new multifunctional, creative playground of Loffice.

Built in the bohemian 8th district of Budapest, on the plot of a former red-light house, this building aims to provide a space in which to work, create, live & celebrate. Fuel your business or leisure functions in an energy-efficient smart building with minimal ecological footprint, including an event hall & inner courtyard, community rooftop & kitchen, co-living apartments & studio offices.

The front of the building is a modern take on the turn-of-the-century architectural tradition to depict on the building’s exterior what is happening inside. Thanks to graphic designer Willem Van de Ven & contemporary artist Marcell Esterházy, it’s a special addition to Budapest’s cityscape.

Pick & choose from our services to create a package specially tailored to your company’s needs.


Happy Tenants

"We spend half of our lives at Loffice. Artmagazin is 17 years old, our editorial staff is based at Loffice for the 9th year. Moreover, it's also a home to our lectures and auctions! We love to be provided a caring environment while we're also given as much space as we need."

Tünde Topor & Nóra Winkler, Artmagazin founders

"At Loffice, we were literally able to adapt our office to our work style. Besides being a stylish backdrop to our efficient daily work, Loffice has also become a venue for our community events."

István Maklári, Mastercard Advisors, Regional Manager

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