Hybrid workspaces

Find the balance between remote work & the traditional office

Provide a blend of physical & remote work to create a modern workplace. Be it one hour, a month or two years, pay only for what you actually use.

Easy & hassle-free

We help you with all the logistics & daily operations. Thanks to our virtual & serviced office functions, we save you a full-time employee.

Ready-to-go spaces

In the furnished and fully equipped rooms, you only have to take a seat & start to create.

No commitments

We know that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Flexible timing & modular pricing are key to be able to react swiftly when the market changes.

Combine the office services you need!


Short term or long term?


How many desks does your team need?

Virtual office

What operational tasks can we help you with?

Meeting rooms

How many hours on average does your team use a meeting room?


Are you planning to hold events?


Do you need tips or trainings on how to set up your new type of workflow & hybrid office?


What extra services would make you feel even more comfortable?


We’ll calculate your hybrid office & can get in touch as soon as possible:

Thank you for your interest in our services! We'll be touch via e-mail soon.

Who is it for?

For future-proof corporates

For those days, when remote work is actually a great solution, but you still need to meet in person from time to time. When you are searching for the golden mean between remote work & traditional office functions.

For (re)starting small companies

You're just about to launch your venture or need to start fresh? A private office is not an option but still need a space to work from? Your team is diverse and your team members’ requirements are too?

Help us to get the right mixture for you!

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