Hygenie & health protocol

March 16th

Dear Lofficer,

Please take a moment to read our announcement & etiquette with respect to COVID-19 and the related current international situation. Maintaining our visitors’, clients’ and colleagues’ hygiene and health is the most important to us.


  • keep an eye on and follow the current reports and news from WHO and the National Centre for Public Health (www.koronavirus.gov.hu)
  • increased the frequency of our cleaning schedule in the building with special attention on efficient disinfection of common areas and surfaces (desks, door handles, kitchen countertop, toilets etc.)
  • placed disinfectants and paper tissues available to everyone at our reception desk
  • provide information on the COVID-19 virus and the proper hand washing methods with signs placed in the toilets and reception
  • ask our sub-contractors and suppliers to cooperate and take special care of the hygienic delivery of products we use at Loffice


  • greet each other with a smile rather than physical interaction
  • please avoid our coworking space and events if you had been travelling in any of those countries that has been declared with wide outbreaks of COVID-19 cases
  • disinfect your hands when arriving to Loffice, before eating and after toilet use
  • put your used glasses, cups and cutlery immediately into the dishwasher
  • avoid the coworking office and common spaces if you are showing signs of sickness (eg. sneezing, coughing, throat sore etc.) and keep at least 2 meters distance from ill people
  • sneeze and cough in a paper tissue (or in the ‘crook of your arms’, worst case scenario) and not your palms
  • after use of paper tissue, throw it in the trash and disinfect your hands
  • cancel your non-urgent personal and business trips abroad and stay in home office if possible
  • avoid masses, public transport and big events (above 100+ pax) where the infection risk is high
  • avoid the use of elevator and other small closed spaces that are shared with other people
  • take immune strengtheners and vitamins
  • ask for immediate check up by doctors if you have the following symptoms: fever, coughing, sore throat, breathlessness

We hope these provisions will create a relaxed working environment at Loffice and help us all to preserve each other’s and our own health.

Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Thank you for your cooperation, Team Loffice

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