Coworkid has been rewarded!

February 11th

The Bridge Budapest Association, which established the Initiative for Sustainable Business Culture, and OPTEN, which is at the forefront of company qualification and monitoring in Hungary, have joined forces. The collaboration has created a new rating system that gives a compass to anyone looking for a reliable business partner. The new rating system can also be used as an indicator of the businesses market value in the community, providing accurate information to their partners and customers. It’s also a handy information for job-seekers employees on the value & business culture of the company as a workplace. According to OPTEN’s analysis, the correlation between success and entrepreneurship is strong.

As the first Ambassadors of the initiative, Praktiker, Netpincér, Eisberg, Schiller Autóház, Prezi, and Sigma, among others, are also committed to the mission of an acceptable business culture. The new rating system for the Sustainable Business Culture initiative distinguishes four categories. The existing system has been broadened with ‘Good examples’, ‘Qualified Businesses’ and ‘Ambassador’ categories.

Today, Coworkid - along with Csatos & Társa and Piqniq Budapest - received the Good Examples certification.

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