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Welcome to the jungle!

2023 September 12th

We spend at least 8 hours at our workspace, so turning the office into a vibrant oasis and surrounding us with plants can provide a daily dose of green goodness improving our - and our colleagues - general mood and simply creating a better environment to work at.

An office is much more than the space you work at

2023 August 24th

Let's discover the 5 main trends driving the new workplace in late 2023, according to Gensler, a global sector leader.

Fundraising kiosk @ Loffice Déri

2023 August 2nd

Is it important to you that the children of today are prepared for the world that will await them when they grow up? Find out more about how to donate!

Hibrid work = happy employees

2023 July 18th

Combining remote work with a private office and with alternative workspace options - eg. a coworking space - is the key to today's employee wellbeing. Did you know we offer all these at our Loffice venues?

Exclusive Coworking Offer: Unlock Your Productivity!

2023 June 23rd

Are you ready to revolutionize your work routine? Experience the ultimate coworking adventure with our unbeatable offer!

We support locals!

2023 April 20th

Is your business based in the 8th district? Stay close by & we ensure exclusive discount for our event space.

Our brand new event space in Déri Miksa street is ready!

2023 March 29th

Corporate event, conference, training? Or an exhibition, workshop, reception?
 Our downtown event venue is now ready for any corporate or private events.

New prices to our services from 1st April

2023 February 28th

Please note that our service fees get an update from Q2. Read more about the new prices.

Office buildings for rent!

2023 January 25th

Our iconic office buildings become available from 2024. Are you the lucky new tenant?

We are open in Déri Miksa street!

2022 November 24th

From now on, you can find our coworking office at 6 Déri Miksa street. Come in and take a look around our brand new space in one of the most exciting neighborhood of the city. Book your desk, a meeting room and over a coffee, find out which coworking package suits you the best!

Bring a surprise box and make a kid happy in Christmas 💜

2022 November 9th

This year, we would like to make Christmas a little brighter for the children at the Dankó Street kindergarten. Join us! 🎄

Designing our new space in Loffice Déri

2022 October 27th

Here we are with probably the most exciting part of our behind the scenes series: how will the new Loffice coworking space look like & what were the driving factors during the interior design process.

From stationery shop to coworking space

2022 August 23rd

Our behind the scenes series of our office in Déri Miksa Street continues. In this next episode we'll take a look at the essential aspects of a coworking office interior design and help you to visualise the layout of our office designed along these principles. Stay tuned!

Behind the Loffice scenes - the location

2022 August 9th

Why the neighbourhood of Rákóczi Square in Csarnoknegyed is so vibrant? Learn the details of the chosen location and premise of our soon-to-launch new office.

Cool summer offer from Loffice

2022 July 22nd

Our new hourly coworking packages tailored to your needs are now available! If you're trying to schedule some beach time in your working hours this summer, we've got you covered with our brand new, hour-based packages! Now it’s up to your decision how you split your time between attending the coworking space or taking pleasure in something else.

A brand new Loffice venue is in the making!

2022 July 7th

The journey of Loffice continues, we are expanding in the wonderful District 8! You may have heard that a brand new Loffice venue is in the making. Giving space for the growth of our tenants we decided to move the coworking office to one of the most upcoming streets of the neighbourhood - only 2 blocks away from Salétrom street.

Swing into the saddle!

2022 June 3rd

June 3rd is World Bicycle Day! We believe in the power of sharing and sharing the streets by walking, using a bike, roller, public transportation or other non-fossil based shared transport, we can contribute to a more comfortable and less crowded city with cleaner air.

Price change to our services

2022 March 4th

Changes to our coworking & meeting room fees are valid from 1st April.

A different women's day - let's help together!

2022 March 2nd

Join our fundraising for mothers and their children fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Business Jump Expert Date

2021 June 16th

Is your idea beyond borders? Do you want to start a unique & creative business in the Austrian market? We help you make the jump!

Innovators vs covid 19

2021 April 14th

Startup.info interview wiht Kata Klementz

Female entrepreneurs turn their dream into a successful social business

2021 March 8th

Erste Social Banking X Loffice - Women's day interview

Together we can make it - Christmas Charity Campaign

2020 December 1st

With the help of our community, this year again we want to make Christmas more beautiful for those in need. Here's how you can help.

The real estate market is in transition. What responses can a family business provide to these changes?

2020 November 24th

Besides being tenants of our Paulay Ede Street’s loft - it’s always a pleasure to work with Mastercard.They recently invited us to participate in one of their exciting projects with the CEMS students from Corvinus University- and we joined happily.

Sunset yoga at the rooftop

2020 October 8th

Kick-start the weekend with a refreshing community experience at the rooftop of Loffice - our friend and yoga teacher of Muditayoga, Noémi Lőwy + Loffice Team look forward to see you!

Art Mystery #6

2020 September 30th

Find out which artist is hidden in our art mystery - a monthly quiz game by Loffice & artmagazin!

Garden Brunch Party

2020 July 6th

Call for a toast! Let's clink glasses & thank to all the people and professionals who contributed to the construction of our new home - join us for a little celebratory garden brunch on 9th July at the inner garden of the Salétrom 4. building!

Coworking & co-wining

2020 July 2nd

Enjoy the summer, the fresh air, excellent wines, the smooth waves of Lake Balaton + 20% Loffice-discount all summer on any room booking at Kristinus Wine Estate!

Everything you need to know about the new Loffice building in Budapest

2020 April 17th

After more than a decade Loffice is starting a new chapter in the up and coming 8th district of Budapest. The house, in the historic red-light district, will not only be a new centre for the start-up scene, it has been completely reborn as a whole complex - from coworking and coliving to meeting and event space, you can find everything.

Coworkid has been rewarded!

2020 February 11th

Coworkid is also a transparent business, in fact, a 'Good example' of all the business players out there! Long live the transparent Hungarian business culture and the initiative of Bridge Budapest - we hope we can really inspire many others to a value-based business operation.

Hygenie & health protocol

2020 March 16th

Please take a moment to read our announcement & etiquette with respect to COVID-19 and the related current international situation.

Új Loffice helyszín nyílt!

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